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Keith Malone Online Marketing Group

My name is Keith Malone聽 and I am the founder and owner of the Online Marketing Group.

Many aeons ago when I started trying to work out how to get leads into my business, I had no idea of the journey I was about to embark upon.

I started out working in sales and marketing for Hambros Merchant Bank in London, back in the 80’s.

I then moved into programming databases and writing scripts in Basic, before the Internet even existed. Most of my work was for marketing departments so I naturally picked up on the needs of that community as things progressed.

My programming background taught me the need to test everything and be able to work out why things happened, not just that they did.聽When the Internet really arrived I found myself well-placed to be in the initial wave of online marketers.

But lets face it, it was easy back then. Google wasn’t even the big boy in town and you could spam your way to ranking almost at will.

But today that’s just not the case. To rank your sites well and guarantee a flow of traffic consistently to your sites is as hard as it’s ever been. Every Google update means a re-assessment of tactics and maybe even a change of strategy.聽

There had to be a better way and I was determined to find it.

From talking to our marketing clients over the years I soon realised that most of you are actually not very interested in Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing or even Online Marketing for that matter. You just want to see results.

So that’s what we focus on here at the Online Marketing Group; producing results for our clients.

But what results?

Again from talking to our clients it became obvious that what you all need the most to grow your business was more qualified leads to feed into your sales machine.

There are 3 basic ways to tackle this problem and get your business to grow.

  1. Get more fresh qualified leads into your business.

  2. Process the existing leads more efficiently so you get more revenue from the leads you already have.

  3. Increase Net Profit by either putting your prices up or cutting your costs.

So we set about finding solutions that would help our clients achieve these 3 goals. Using my programming background, coupled with a systematic approach to achieving goals and a lot of talented input from our tech team, we combined clever custom programming with the new massive leaps in Artificial Intelligence, to forge Automated Marketing Solutions that produced the desired results.

Solution One: Speed-to-Lead

Puts More Qualified Leads into Your Business from enquiries generated from paid ads (or any other method that drives targeted traffic into your funnel).

Solution Two: Automated Marketing Android

Our Automated Marketing Android helps you ring every last penny out of the leads that you get into your business. Our solution works perfectly for companies that have a bank of existing leads, that maybe are past their “Best By” date, and following up on fresh leads means they tend to get left collecting dust in a database. On some clients we’ve been able to double their ROAS by systematically going back over ‘dead’ leads and bringing them back to life.

Solution Three: Automated Customer Support

Automating multiple levels of customer support does a couple of things that allow you to increase your prices and reduce your costs. Your support android works 24x7x365, without taking breaks, surfing the internet or chatting when they should be dialling, unlike your existing sales and marketing team.聽

They don’t need time and money spent on recruiting, training, motivating or managing. We do all that for you.

Because they also use a multi-channel approach utilising phone, SMS and email, we are able to program them to contact leads that you possibly haven’t been able to before.

Automated Marketing Solutions aren’t necessarily going to replace all your existing sales and marketing teams, but they will allow you to reduce costs and get rid of any dead wood.

They will improve your overall efficiency and help establish systems that will send all your KPI’s through the roof.

The Team

It goes without saying ( but I’m going to say it anyway馃榾), that the effectiveness of our Automated Marketing Solutions comes from the way we program, set up and maintain them.

40 yours of working in the sales and marketing world, with some established names such as Hambros Merchant Bank, Volvo Deutschland and the Thai and Malaysian governments, has helped us to understand the process and create the framework for our Automated Solutions.

Our team of AI Prompt engineers allow us to take advantage of the latest versions of Chat GPT to become the creative brains behind the engaging messages and customer responses.

Our team of programmers create the code that glues everything together. Being able to create truly bespoke selections for our clients rather than just hoping what we have will do the job, is one of the major points that enables us to stand apart.

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