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Marketing Podcast with Karrie Sanderson

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Karrie Sanderson. Karrie is Chief Marketing Officer at Typeform, leading brand strategy, advertising, PR, internal communications, and DEI efforts as well as overseeing the internal creative studio.

Questions I ask Karrie Sanderson:

  • [1:12] How did diversity, equality, and inclusion land in the CMO job?
  • [2:06] Another aspect in your bio too is the internal creative studio – is that a product or a part of your own marketing?
  • [2:48] Has design been a key differentiator for Typeform?
  • [3:23] As CMO, how do you look at the customer journey?
  • [5:26] Typeform really seems like more of a conversation in comparison to a regular form– how often do you fight the idea that people perceive it as ‘just a form where they only need the data’?
  • [7:55] Would you go as far as saying a form experience could be a part of your culture?
  • [8:26] What do you feel is your core differentiator?
  • [10:50] I remember the first, probably 10 years ago first time I came across Typeform and most people probably had this reaction – “Wow, that’s different.” Do you ever fight the urge to say we have to be different again?
  • [12:29] Where do you stand on your messaging for client acquisition?
  • [15:49] If you were advising a form builder, what should the experience be as soon as I hit submit?
  • [20:08] What are some of the things that you’ve found that make Typeform surveys more enjoyable or more relatable?
  • [21:49] Is there anything on the horizon for Typeform that you want to tell my audience about that you guys are working on?
  • [22:55] Where can people connect with you and learn more about your work?

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