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Marketing Podcast with Joe Polish

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Joe Polish. Joe is the Founder of Genius Network, one of the highest-level groups in the world for entrepreneurs. Joe has helped build thousands of businesses and generated hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients. He’s the author of a book — 9 Genius Networking Principles to Get What You Want By Helping Others Get What They Want.

Key Takeaway:

There’s no shortage of networking and entrepreneurship advice online in today’s world—but it’s harder than ever to know what’s authentic. Taking the wrong advice can result in superficial connections, transactional relationships, and unsatisfying interactions with others without any real rapport. Joe Polish is the Founder of Genius Network and is known as —”the most connected person on the planet.” In this episode, Joe talks about the many challenges he has overcome in his life to get him to where he is today and how relationship-building and building a network play an essential role in achieving success.

Questions I ask Joe Polish:

  • [1:27] Is this the first time you’ve been on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast?
  • [1:40] What’s the three-minute version of your life?
  • [5:11] What made you wanna rewrite this book now?
  • [11:35] You talk openly about your struggles with addiction and one of the things you mention is to find out how people are suffering and how you can help – does that come from your own suffering?
  • [17:55] You have an exercise in the book where you guide people to create their own Genius Network – can you explain that concept?
  • [23:35] Where can people find the website for the book with the bonuses and resources you mentioned?

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