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319 LOST Leads Turned Into $49,000 of Sales Revenue

Give us the leads you’ve given up on & we’ll use A I and some clever custom programming  to turn them into sales revenue.

In 2024, it is possible to turn the leads you’ve given up on, into cash in the bank…


  • hiring extra sales people
  • paying appointment-setting agencies
  •  calling the leads yourself.

Like this Debt Consolidation company…

DBR Case Study

This is a sneak peek inside James’ campaign. 

James owns a Debt Consolidation company and every month, he spends a pretty penny with Facebook and Google, in exchange for new leads. 

James has a few sales guys and gals. If he’s being honest, way more than he would like. 

BUT like most of us, he’s been told…

“If you want more sales, you need more bums on seats”.

Problem is, most of the leads his team dial… don’t pick up. 

These people are used to dodging calls because they’re used to being chased by their debt collectors.

So, when an unfamiliar number dials their phone… they don’t dare answer. 

For the first 48 hours, James’ team calls these leads every hour

And still…

Out of the 1000 leads they call,  they’re lucky if they speak to half.

What happens to the other half? 

Usually… NOTHING! 

For James, that’s around $25,000 he wastes each month on ‘lost leads’

So, he agreed to a Trial Run!

No-Risk to James as we covered all the costs up-front.

In fact if the trial bombed and nothing happened on the back-end then we were out of pocket, not James!

On day 3, instead of continuing with calls…

He decided to send 319 of those ‘dialed to death’ leads to our Automated Marketing  Android.

Here’s what happened…


Leads Fed to Android






Booked an Appointment or got an Instant Call Back


Closed Sales

With each sale worth between $3,000 – $4,000… 

That’s around $49,000.

That’s enough to cover one of his employee’s salaries. For the WHOLE year. 

From a test batch of just 319 leads.  

There’s easily 20 TIMES that sat around in James’ CRM, still waiting to be worked. 

James is over the moon! 

In a single trial run, our AI bot has solved a problem he’s battled against for 10 years or more. 

James can now REJECT the idea that the ONLY way to make more sales… 

Is to buy MORE leads and put more ‘bums on seats’.

He no longer has to ‘make peace’ with a $25,000 loss each month because his leads won’t answer the phone. 

Instead, he can hand over his ‘lost leads’ to our Automated Marketing Android and let it turn them into sales using a clever combination of custom programming and Artificial Intelligence. 

For the first time ever, James can bring more sales into his business at the same time as drastically reducing his overheads…

…so there’s way more cash left over for him to spend however he chooses.

Why does AI + SMS work so well then? 

Well for one, people prefer SMS these days.

They don’t wanna be blindsided by an unexpected phone call. 

You don’t get that with AI + SMS.

This is an actual conversation between our Automated Marketing Android and one of James’ leads.

DBR chat

The AI kicks off each conversation in a super personal way to ‘ring a bell’ in the prospect’s mind. 

To get that “ohhh yeah, I remember now” response which is why they text back. 

The next message is the humble disarm that brings down their “I’m too busy” defenses and opens up the conversation over SMS.

What’s ‘said’ in these first two messages can and will change dependant on the industry.

The exact words don’t matter. 

It’s the behavior those words drive that’s important, and we’ve sent literally hundreds of thousands of these messages to fine tune the process.

Next is the back and forth.

DBR Chat 2

Our Automated Marketing Android carries out a Q&A type session to qualify the prospect in a natural and friendly way. 

It validates the prospect each time and asks questions that get to the bottom of why the prospect even needs help to begin with. In some industries, this is super important.

Then the Android starts to pre-frame the callback.

DBR chat 3

Watch how the AI pushes for an instant call back and when that’s a no-go…

It quickly switches tact and goes for the booked appointment. 

When the prospect gives a time, the Android is smart enough to take that info and book the appointment directly into the diary.

Notice that this prospect says she was working until 11pm. Well after James’ team clock off for the day. 

His team could have called her phone every 15 minutes and she still wouldn’t have answered.

Yet, she was happy, relieved even to reply and chat via SMS.

The Android’s final job is to get commitment to the call back

DBR chat4

Trained Sales People forget to do this but, the Android doesn’t.

It doesn’t take sick days, need breaks, or require any recruitment, training and management from your team.

We take care of that..

It knows by tying that call back to an ACTUAL real person, Ian from this debt consolidation company’s call centre, there is a higher commitment t0 the call.

As a result, the prospect naturally feels way more accountable and committed to turn up on time 

And get what, SHOW rates are through the roof!

So there you have it! 

That’s a real life example of how our Automated Marketing Android takes ‘dialed to death’ leads and turns them into sales. 

Now, the AI is going to get more juice out of a 3 day old lead than a 3 year one…

…and the ‘numbers’ in every industry will look a bit different.

But so far, we haven’t found an industry that our Automated Marketing Android can’t help.

Take this one. 

A law firm that specialises in compensation claims, kind of like Personal Injury.

DBR chat 5

This time our Automated Marketing Android was given 467 leads.

103 of them asked for an Instant Callback and another 93 of them booked appointments. 

Even if only a quarter of those appointments turned into sales (which is very low for this business) ,  think about what that means.

That’s still 49 sales. Pulled from what feels like thin air.  

Each sale is worth on average $2000 to Simon’s biz. 

So that’s $98,000 of pure bottom-line profit that he wouldn’t have had without our help. 

What about a Home Improvement business? 

DBR chat 6

These 96 leads were 12 MONTHS old. 

And still the Android pulled 5 closed sales from them. 

These business owners have never seen anything like it. 

So let me ask you…

How much GOLD is sitting in your database?

How much can you save on staff overheads?

If you’d like to find out…

We’re building Automated Marketing Androids  for a handful of ‘lead reliant businesses’ so they can make more sales…

without spending more money on marketing staff or having to work the leads themselves.

We will build, fine-tune and plug in our Automated Marketing Android into these businesses.

They won’t have to lift a finger. 

We have blocked out time in our calendar to custom-build these Androids but we’re a small team, so we can’t do it for everybody.

If you’d like to be 1 of the 5 and get the ball rolling, click below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of the Automated Marketing Android?

The Automated Marketing Android converts ‘lost leads’, the leads you’ve given up on, into sales revenue. We use a combination of clever custom programming, SMS and AI, which avoids the need for additional sales staff or agencies.

It helps businesses recover sales from unresponsive leads, reducing wasted marketing spend while maximizing bottom-line profit.

Our services are No-Risk to our clients as we cover all the costs up-front.

We don’t want you to spend a penny on this until after we’ve shown you it can work for you and your business.

We believe in what we do and know if we can show you how well this performs you will want to continue working together.

We offer to start with a trial of sample leads that you provide.

If the trial bombs and nothing happened on the back-end then we are out of pocket, not our clients!

How man y time do you see that kind of guarantee from a marketing company?

Yes, the Automated Marketing Android can book appointments directly into the sales team’s calendar, transfer for instant call-back, or into a dialer, and add to a CRM. We can program it to transfer the leads whichever way you prefer so as to avoid any disruption to your existing sales systems.

Any industries that are lead-reliant, where their marketing focuses on bringing in new prospective buyers to the business. They usually have high advertising or marketing spend.

Below are some industries we have clients in:

  • Real estate
  • Financial services (e.g., mortgage brokers, insurance, debt consolidation)
  • Automotive sales and services
  • Home improvement and remodeling
  • Legal services (e.g., personal injury, family law)
  • Healthcare services (e.g., dental, cosmetic surgery)
  • Telecommunications
  • Education and training services
  • Travel and tourism
  • Software and technology solutions

Businesses can reduce staff overheads, increase sales from existing leads, and improve marketing efficiency without extra marketing costs.

The Automated Marketing Android engages in conversations, asking questions to understand and qualify the leads.

People are more likely to respond to SMS because it is less intrusive. It doesn’t demand to be answered instantly and is perceived as a more friendly method of communication.

This is why we start the conversation with the leads with a personalised SMS.

We provide a whole range of Automated Marketing Solutions alongside our Automated Marketing Android.

If you have any other areas of your business’s sales or marketing that you would like to discuss, please just reach out and message us below.